About Witchy Ramblings


We are Cathy (Metacrone) and Sarah (Metamaiden), a mother-daughter pair who live in Albuquerque, NM. Sarah is a full time college student, while Cathy is a retired homeschooling mom. We are both disabled in various ways, so that will come up occasionally. Cathy doesn’t get out much these days, so she’s the main writer. Sarah is an English major, so she already writes too much for school. Metamaiden sightings will be rare for the time being, sadly.

Our main blog is metawitches.com, where we focus on TV, movies and occasionally other forms of media analysis. This blog is for whatever we feel like spouting off about, whether it’s serious or not, on a global scale or confined to our backyard (which is full of chickens, bird feeders, and native desert plants). Right now, Metacrone is having fun reviewing books, and plans to continue doing that for the foreseeable future. We also have a third blog, desertwitches.com, for our most frivolous posts, especially our attempts at photo essays.

Photo on this page taken at Arches National Park.


Brody and Chloe, the happy lap cats.