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Book Review- An Easy Death (Gunnie Rose Book 1) by Charlaine Harris

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book cover of An Easy Death

The first thing Gunnie Rose does when she gets her own book series is get a makeover haircut, to show how her life is about to go through some drastic changes. Gunnie Rose, who is also known as Lizbeth, actually has multiple reasons for her new look. She’s a 19 year old woman who lives in what would be the southwestern US, if she lived in our world, and her work as an almost magical sharpshooter keeps her outdoors most of the time, so her long hair gets hot and sticky. Plus her hair grows in long ringlets, which her boyfriend paid more attention to than he did to the rest of her, so she figured it was time to remind him to pay more attention to the person underneath the hair. But probably most importantly of all, since she’s called Gunnie for a good reason, the ringlets are…

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I Voted – 2019 Edition

I Voted-2019 Edition-This afternoon, I caffeinated and medicated myself out of my soul crushing migraine, braved the glare of the Southwestern sun and the fluorescent lights of the polling center, and voted in the off-year elections.

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Photos and Thoughts from the Albuquerque, NM Climate Strike 2019

Photos & Thoughts from the Albuquerque, NM Climate Strike 2019-The event lasted all afternoon, with a rally & march to the offices of Senators Heinrich & Udall to demand support for the Green New Deal. #ClimateStrike #ClimateEmergency

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Let’s Try This Again

Hello from Albuquerque, New Mexico, home of the largest international balloon festival in the world and part of a border state, where the current resident of the White House is building a wall that will intentionally shut out international visitors who are in dire need, disrupt the lives of people and wildlife who live on… Continue reading Let’s Try This Again

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P*ssy Grabs Back: Metamaiden’s Story of the Women’s March on Washington (Well, Albuquerque)

Today (Saturday, January 21,2017), I (Metamaiden) joined millions of others around the world in marching for women’s rights. Though it was freezing for Albuquerque, it was a super fun, inspiring day, and I’m glad I got up a little earlier than I prefer (heheh) to be a part of it. We arrived at exactly 11 AM,… Continue reading P*ssy Grabs Back: Metamaiden’s Story of the Women’s March on Washington (Well, Albuquerque)